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Sunday, November 22, 2009

cant sleep

i cant sleep
it happens to me a lot, and i dont really know why, so i am always on the hunt for something to help me sleep, i mean once i am sleeping, i sleep like crazy but it is taking me like 3 hours to actually fall asleep.
anyway, yesterday we went to see some stuff for the new house and we went into an hollandia store (mistake number 1), then we saw this cool bed with a flat tv poping out of it (mistake number 2) and we just tried this cool bed (mistake number 3) - and it was sooo great - the best thing ever, it has the NASA mattress or whatever they are trying to sell - but it is just sooo comfortable i couldnt get up
so i guess if i will have one of these i will be able to sleep better right? - well, wrong - it costs like 20000usd - so if i will ever spend something like this on a bed, i will never be able to sleep at all....

but check it out - isnt it amazing?

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