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Sunday, October 01, 2006

LOL - we finally bought PS2

We really like those kind of stuff like PS (play station) but we never got one, once my husband told me we would buy it as soon as i finish my master thesis, well, i am still working on it but we have a few days off work and we relized it will get really boring here...SO - we drove for an hour this afternoon and bought the PS and some game sand the stupid lazer gub (that doesnt even work since none of the games we bought is suitable for it LOLOL)

anyway, im kicking ass at Tekken and playing fifa 2006 as netherlands team (i just love the orange outfit)

now the big question is how long till this thing will bore us? will we be playing those silly games on ...DEC? or FEB? i have no idea - something to place some bets on.

as for now ..its great.

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