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Saturday, November 18, 2006

I hate traffic jams

I just hate it, I had the worse week ever, I spent an 60-90 minutes every morning getting to work (it's about 20 miles away) -hHAAAHAH.

Those radio reports knows shit, they allways talk about traffic jams that doesn't exist and they keep forgetting to talk about the ones that actually out there.

On tuesday morning I got out of my house- the radio says there is a traffic jam starting at junction A to junction B, Jct A is 2 Jcts from my house (3 miles away) so I figured I had a few miles of normal driving....only an hour later (yas, 60 minutes later) I got to jct A where the traffic is getting slower - but how slower can it get if it took my an hour to get there (A reminder- its only 3 miles from my house) - I almost cried in my car, I was really pissed off.

Anyway, it happend again and again so finally I decided that I will never listen to those crappy radio reports anymore - now I only listen to CD's on my way to work.

Awww, almost forgot, I had my 28th B-day this week, I got this small party at work which was nice, I went out with my hubby to have dinner that night and with some friends on Friday to have dinner somewhere else, then on monday I had dinner with a different group of friends and this monday I'm having dinner again - that made me relize I have alot of friend groups but they don't know each other - I'll have to do something about it...I'm not saying it's bad to celebrate 5-6 times every b-day but..... from now on I think my energy level will drop so.....

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