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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Stupid New Site

I have just got a domain i gave my sister once back and i had nothing to do with it so i have made a new site about old mobile phones
This is just seems so funny to me that we once thought these cell phones were the best thing ever, and that wasn't even too long ago - crazy ha?

Anyway, im not sure what i will do with it eventually but till I will have a better idea - I'm going to leave this stupid old mobile site on- it just makes me laugh and that is important enough for me


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Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Upgrading Dilemma

So here is my dilemma - i am afraid of flights, I will have to fly to Vegas (11 hours tlv-ny and then 5 hours or so to Vegas), I will probably have to fly alone (my husband wont come with me probably), I am afraid and I never can sleep during flights no matter how much alcohol i drink and how many sleeping pills i take....

So i was thinking I got 44,000 miles on continental one pass card, which means that I can upgrade myself (200000 - one way) and maybe get some sleep (I'm not sure that will solve my problem and maybe even at business I wont be able to sleep which will suck since i paid all those miles on it instead of waiting for a full ticket at 70G miles...

So What do you think? will this help me to have a nicer flight? will this be the first flight I will be able to sleep (I am hoping for at least 7 hours or so....)

We will have to wait and see, the worse thing about it, is imagine i will have a great flight, I will sleep like a baby for 12 hours - it means that now I will only be able to fly business since i will have the sweet memory of sleeping during a flight...that will be a real expensive hobby now.

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Why am I not able to download videos from YouTube?

There are many people who complain about the video files that are hosted on YouTube. Most of them are first time visitors. The old timers know too well that to download YouTube videos is not so easy. Those who have been visiting and using the services of the YouTube website know that all the movies hosted in that site are encoded into the FLV format. This is regardless of the type of movie the members of the site are uploading. As soon as the movie is uploaded, it gets converted into the flash format and is then embedded on YouTube’s website. Ask anyone who has used flash movies and they will tell you how tough it is to copy the same.

Most of you download movies or images off the web by right clicking on either the movie or video and selecting the `save target as’ from the drop down menu. This cannot be done with a flash movie, since it disables all these options and replaces them with its own options. These options are generally about controlling the movie and there are no save options. Hence when one tries to save a movie from YouTube, they do not get the `save’ option. This has posed a problem to most visitors to YouTube and they all try to find out various means to save their favorite movie. Most people are lazy and do not bother to use the search engines.

Had they done so, they would have found that that are many means, which one can utilize to save movies that are hosted on YouTube. While a few of these methods require that you have a decent knowledge about url’s and about page sources, there are others that will permit you to download movies from YouTube with just a few clicks of the mouse. Most programs that are used to download movies from YouTube function in the same way. Every movie that is hosted on YouTube has its unique url and this is what the software required. When you come across any movie that you wish to download, just check out its url and copy the same.

Now visit any site like Ripzor and paste the url in the section named YouTube Downloader. This is all. Now just click the convert button and the program will ask you where the downloaded file has to be saved. Select a unique location and click on the `start’ button. Spare a few moment to give the file a unique name like `horse racing’ so that you can identify it later on. The movie will be downloaded, encoded in real time and saved on your hard drive. Some of these programs give the end user other options too. They can select the format they want the output file to be, but this should not pose any problem for the serious down loader. Most of them do have video conversion programs that can convert between different video formats.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So I am Going to Vegas

I have paid for the conference (paid meaning my job did) and now it is final - im going to be in Vegas this November.

The only problem is that there is some kind of policy in my company where you cant do private holiday before only after the conference and i was counting on the weekend before to visit Arizona (Canyon de Chelly), Utah (Arches and Bryce which are my favorite NP's)

So only Vegas for me, only 6 days, only stuff i have seen before but probably a lot of shopping

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