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Thursday, April 23, 2009

We are Back

We are back, the tip was amazing
the weather was great (like 19-23 C all days) and sunshine and blue sky all over the place, we visited many snowy mountains and frozen lakes (and regular lakes as well) and it was great, the only problem is that Italian food is soooo good, we got really fat now - LOL

Maybe later I will upload some pics, I am too tired now

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weather Junky

ok so since we still dont know what would be the smart way to do our trip (3 days to go) we are following the weather sites like crazy, we can do the following:
italy first then croatia then slovenia then swiss
croatia first then slovenia then italy and swiss
swiss first then italy then slovenia and then croatia

the logic thing is to go to croatia first then slvania and then italy and swiss - then italy and swiss parts are mainly high mountains kind of rides - but we will see according to weather and mainly rain.....will update probably a day before we leave

hope to have great days :-)

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WooHoo - trip is final and car as well

We finally got our trip plan ready - basically it will be something like - landing in Milan - driving to Croatia (platvice park) from there 3 days at bled, bohini lake and triglav park - after that we will visit the dolmites and Venice and after that 3-4 days in Switzerland (center area) - we will visit titlis mountain and the Trambelbach Waterfalls and the close area.

Today we finally made the phone call we postponed for so long and reserved a car for us (it is sooo fucked up that when you get a car in Italy or wherever in Europe it is usually some small crap and when you reserve like the cheapest car in Germany it usually a Mercedes - unreal.

anyway, the order of places will be decided by weather so i guess 2 days or so before our flight we will decide it

Anyway - One week to go and we are out of here.

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