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Me, my husband, our dog and many travels.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend - hooray

This weekend was soooo busy, we had dinner with family which was ofcourse noisy and exhausting.
then we decided to clean our house which was also noisy and
exhausting, and then we went to play squash - which was, once again, noisy and exhausting - but that was fun...

tomorrow - back to work (which as u gueesed will be
noisy and exhausting)

i also decided i want to lose 6 pounds or so - but as someone who really likes her junk and stuff im not sure how that will go - i never watched my diet since i was allways doing sport and ate ALOT!!!!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Maybe ill be able to upload photos now? Isnt she cute?

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some more cool pics

Just thought i would add some more pics i like.
This time - My dog - her name is Bamby and she is really smart and really cute and ofcourse she is beautifull as u can see :-)

Last week she was very sick, she ate nothing for 5-6 days and only drank like a maniac all the time and she was so weak and sad - i thought she will die (luckily she didnt).

We took her to the vet. and he took some blood and gave her pills and a shot and after 3-4 days she got much better.

Emmmm - I cant upload anything - ill wait till later to do it (hold your horses)

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some travel photos - my personal favorites

This cool pics were taken on Sep. 2005 at Arches NP (Utah).
I just love Utah - i really suffer when its hot, but still, Utah is one of my favorite states.

These pics were taken on March 2004 while i visited Lapland - this trip was really cool and i loved the weather there LOL.

I'll probebly write more about some of my trips here ....

GN (Good Night) :-)

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Just woke up...

Just woke up now, 4:30PM - I slept like crazy since 1 PM or so.

My day started at 7:30 AM (2 early for me on a friday morning) . I went to see a movie and have a nice breakfast with a friend (sposnsored by my job LOL).
Breakfast was nice, movie was nice (i didnt really get if the guy dies in the end or not but...who cares - when im being offered a free breakfast and movie (and even the popcorn and drinks were free), apparently i can wake up.

My friend was there since my hubby is now in Taiwan doing some engineering crap of some sort and i need to find someone to come with me and cut the bread for me at breakfast (im a bit crazy and lazy)

Anyway, I just woke up, my friend came over to use my washing machine and i just dozed off. by the time i woke up she was gone and her clothes were gone...oh well

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Im gonna be a millionare (or not)

Finally, i found the time to create my blog here (im probebly 2 busy if it took me that long ha?)

So, just abit about myself...
im a 27 years old girl (from a far away country), trying to finish my master thesis, trying to hold on to my job, trying to be a good wife to my husband (LOL - kidding i dont know the meaning of a good wife), trying to raise a dog (Bamby the most beautifull dog) and trying to travel as much as i can (ill probebly write about some of my travels here whenever a writer block will attack me - which will happend every day i guesse).

Thats all u need to know for now

so, what do u reckon? am i gonna be a millionare or not?

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