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Thursday, January 25, 2007

PR update

Suddenly, without me noticing it, I found out I got PR2 - LOL - this is so great I don't really do anyhing with this blog (accept writing every once in a while).

My travel site also got PR 3 (and also alot of the inner pages got PR3) which made me, oh so proud, :-) how cool is that?

Anyway, just thought I should write something about it it comes .... hip hip hooray!!!!

So, some updates maybe? life is ok, work is fine, my husband is still nice to me (go figure) and Bamby is as cute as ever. My hubby still plays PS2 sometime (I dont really have the time for it anymore - dammmm I work 2 hard) .

In 2 weeks from now I have to take this ultra sounds which sucks since Im most likely will have to go under the knife (and Im really scared) and my husband have to go to Hong kong for the next 3 weeks - I just hope there are some good shoppings over there.

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