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Friday, April 20, 2007

The funniest site u'll ever see (or hear)

I just ran into this stupid but sooo funny site

take a look and enjoy (have your speakers on)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chemotherapy sucks

So it turns out I got hodgkins disease which really sucks.

I will have 8 chemos (I allready had one) with 2 weeks between each of them and then I will have to go to a different hospital for some radiations - yikes!!!!!

So I had my first Chemo which was kinda ok but I felt some pains and all kind of stuff for a few days after - I'm not a person who can handle pain well......some people are...I swear....they handle it great and lok oh so elegant while doing it - not me...

I will have my 2nd treatment in 2 days and I am really scared of it , I will probebly feel like crap and puke like hell so I wouldn't count on anything for the next week or so.....PLUS like this is not enough I am gonna lose my hair after the 2nd treatment...I have a really bad hair, every day is a bad hair day for me but still......I will hate to see it go since I would have to start all over again in 3 months or so.


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