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Friday, January 30, 2009

In Review- Arches National Park- Utah

I decided today to write a bit about this small park but this park is probably the most amazing one, I think this one is my favorite, and even if not it is probably on my top 3 list.
I visited this park for the first time during 2004 after being to Utah already twice before but never get the chance to drive to arches NP since it is a bit far away than Zion and Bryce which usually get the most attention.
So we drove all the way there and got to Arches, this park is really small but it is so beautiful, tons of arches and each of them with different shape, size and color - we took a short hike to the double O arch which was really nice, but I must say that the most beautiful arch is the delicate arch
This park definitely worth a visit if you are visiting Utah, even if you are a bit far away.

Delicate arch

Double O arch

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

In Review: Bryce National Park - Utah

Well, basically Bryce is one of my favorite national parks in the states so I am just in the mood to write about it some more and upload some pics of it, it is a really beautiful place - so if you haven't been there yet - take your bags, get into your car and drive to Utah, not much there but Bryce canyon, Arches and some other cool NP's are good enough of a reason font you think?

Few years ago you could drive in the park with your car, i have been there again 2 years ago and now there is a shuttle, while I was there you could chose the shuttle or your car but as i have seem in other parks usually after a while it will be only shuttle buses driving through the park - so I can imagine this is the case by now.

The best thing about this park is the fact that it is so small but the views are amazing, you don't have to drive a lot or hike for hours, even when you drive and stop at the view points you see amazing views - see for yourself below.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally im healthy

So after 2 weeks i am back to normal, healthy, back at work, back on Friday soccer, back on planning my next trip - so next we will probably fly to Milan, take a car there and travel north Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and should be great i think - 2 and a half week probably during April - the cool things is that we bought these tickets through our frequent flayer points so basically - free flight - nice ha?

well, this is the plans for now - nothing is done yet but at least we have a plan

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


I am sick for a week now, i haven't been to work for 4 days in a row -which is not something i used to, now, since i am sick they told me not to come to my ct scan and reschedule it - which on the one hand was great since i hate this scan but on the other hand- i still need to do it - in 2 weeks i will have to do it anyway - so im not sure it was for the best but ....we will see

Tomorrow hopefully i will feel better and will be able to go to the park to play some soccer (i was sick and missed it last friday and I am not in the mood to miss it again)

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Monday, January 05, 2009

one more site

I have started to write another site with another friend of mine, this is a web tools site - we will write about all kind of gadgets and tools and stuff that are fun and can be found around the web or at shops (LOL)
since i love gadgets and mobiles i will also write about these stuff there

So if you have any web tools (i prefer free tools) let me know and I will write about it on my new site

Check it out: Halls Web Tools

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

CT Scan on Monday

I am going to have my CT scan this monday , now I am not ure but maybe this will be my last CT scan which is really cool - since I just hate this scan, it is the worse, you go there and they inject you some kind of crap, then you get this stuff , this awful stuff you have to drink like half a gallon of, and it is the worse you will taste ever, so you drink this crap and while doing it you are not allowed to do anything or to talk or whatever, just have to wait, after you finished this shit they take you to the CT scan room and you have to stay there, not move for about 30 minutes - not as easy as it sounds...i tell you that.

well, this Monday hopefully will be the last one for me for a while but the think is i am still a bit sick, so I am not even sure it is allowed to do it while you are sick - i need to find out before I get up at 6am for it.

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