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Monday, July 28, 2008

next time - Bergen

I really liked this city - but i have to go to my pilatese lesson now - so next time...but here is a pic of the old area - near the fish market (where you can also find all sorts of berries - yummy

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Another cool place in Norway - Nigardsbreen

this is a glacier where you can have hikes on - this is really cool - we took the easiest walk (well not the easiest - the easiest is the family tour but we took the one after that) so we got to wear ice boots with the spikes and all kind of cool gear and we were tied to each other by a rope (like 8 people on a tour) and we just walked up the glacier.

it was a crappy day - was raining all the time but somehow we didn't even notice the rain since it was so amazing

defiantly worth a visit

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vegas - waiting till November

So i have this conference in Vegas this November - so if im gonna fly these 16 hours i might just as well do something else right? i mean i love vegas but i have been there 3 times by now

so i was thinking going back also to bryce and arches which are my 2 favorite NP's in Utah but maybe i will visit canyon de chelly in Arizona as well....

i will update

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Working too hard

god, im working too hard lately, every day i come home like at 8 or 9 PM this is too crazy i think - but i cant help it...oh well

so now we are back from Norway, so we need to think about our next trip - dont know yet when or where but it must be soon - i want to travel...

So today i had a checkup at the doctor - it was ok - all is good - next one is only at February (but before this one i need to have another PET CT which is like the worse think ever.

so, thats it for now - i want to go to sleep - im to tired and tomorrow is another day :-)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So the trip was amazing
we started in Stockholm - we were there for like a day and a half, we stayed in this really col hotel (nordic light) and went to the icebar at the nordic sea across the street.

Stockholm is really nice - i love it

Then we took the car and drove to Oslo - its kinda ugly but the park with all the sculptures is really nice.

Then we drove to Flam, which is a nice fjord and we took the fjord safari which was nice.

then we drove all the way to the atlantic road which was nice and trollstigen which was cool, then we arrived to Geiranger fjord which was amazing but it was rainy and cloudy.

so we decided to go to bergen which was beautiful and then we heard the weather will be great at geiranger so we drove 7 hours back - it was amazing

Then we drove to bergen back and fly home :-)

it was great

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