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Monday, December 21, 2009

closing a deal with the contractor

wooo, this is very tiring, we are now in the stage of finding a guy to handle all of our house changes and improvements and this is:
1. tiring - very tiring
2. expensive - very very expensive
3. make you want to take some kind of huge hammer and do it all by yourself, i dont know what it is, they just all seem really really fishy...oh geez

more updates to come soon - on jan 1st we are starting this thing

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Speaking of Dogs

i found the dog of my dreams, she is a 5 months old Weimaraner puppy - she is silver and amazing, and skinny like a model- her name will be Joylin - oh ye - she is amazing

so i called the guy, published her details, no answer, called him again the next day - still nothing - one day i notice the ad was we didnt get our dream dog...we are still looking

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Sick as a dog

it is unreal
once again
im sick as a dog, i cant believe it, i was not sick for a while lately, i thought i got this all " being sick and being healthy" thing under control and i woke up today feeling like sh$%@#t - oh geez

hope the tons of pilss and junk food i took will kill whatever there is...oh ye

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


The famed Rolex Company came to light with the invention of the original Rolex in 1905. The Trademark came in 1908 with the registration of the famed watch. The fake Rolex Air-King was presented to the public in 1931.

The original of the Air-King model is so expensive it is well out of the depth of ownership by most. With the fake model came a price tag well within the reach of everyday people. The cost of $350 and below is wonderful news to the middle to low income working class.

The Basic Features

The original Rolex Company’s main logo is a crown. This same crown logo can be found on the replicas. The logo is located conveniently on the facial glass which is made of a mineral crystal element. This glass remains transparent no matter what the situation.

The dials and sub-dials located on this watch is such an important feature when it comes to accurate time keeping. Inside the replica is a self-winding component. This feature incorporated into the makings of the fake makes this an all-important addition to any wardrobe. If purchased for personal pleasure or for a business affair this machine is a constant in accurate time keeping. This feature makes it so your thoughts are not concerned with the accuracy of this machine but with the business at hand. Be assured you will never be late for an appointment or important function again.

The back cover sports solid stainless steel. At a glance you are given the important details of the watch such as the model number, name of the watch and other important information. This information can be found engraved into the beautiful stainless steel back. Another important should you list with your insurance company.

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