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Friday, November 27, 2009

wow- the things i bought today

today we finally bought something for the new house (and it was not cheap)
we went to see some living rooms and dining tables and eventually bought:
living room (white leather)
living room table
dining table (glass) + 6 chairs

it was pricey but it is clean and nice and we like it

now we just need to get the deal with a contractor soon for the remodeling which supposed to start next month...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

cant sleep

i cant sleep
it happens to me a lot, and i dont really know why, so i am always on the hunt for something to help me sleep, i mean once i am sleeping, i sleep like crazy but it is taking me like 3 hours to actually fall asleep.
anyway, yesterday we went to see some stuff for the new house and we went into an hollandia store (mistake number 1), then we saw this cool bed with a flat tv poping out of it (mistake number 2) and we just tried this cool bed (mistake number 3) - and it was sooo great - the best thing ever, it has the NASA mattress or whatever they are trying to sell - but it is just sooo comfortable i couldnt get up
so i guess if i will have one of these i will be able to sleep better right? - well, wrong - it costs like 20000usd - so if i will ever spend something like this on a bed, i will never be able to sleep at all....

but check it out - isnt it amazing?

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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Bday

I had a birthday last week, so i bought the house ....actuality this has nothing to do with my birthday, but it happend to happen on the same week so woooohooo

nothing special i did for my birthday...but its ok - its not like i have money

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We Bought A House

we bought ourselves a new house (well its not new actually but it is new to us)
the house is in a small town, really quite, big yard and we love it
the only problem is that we need to do a lot of home improvements and design changes since it is not perfect (dahhh!!)

so we will start all of these on January and hopefully we will get into the house on February after all is done and looking great.

more updates on the the next few weeks...

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Alaska - Going there next

So we decided to next go to Alaska - Alaska has been always one of my dreams so it will be really cool, the only thing which is not certain yet is will we have the money for it or no? now, we both still working, still making money, no other time or trip money was an issue, the only difference now is that 2 days ago, we bought a house!!! yes yes - we bought a house, and it wasn't cheap i must tell you.

So, now we own a house, never had a house before so it is a big thing probably, money wise especially...will that affect my Alaska trip? hopefully not.

Once we will move to the house and start paying all those bills and crap, i will be able to check my budget, hopefully it will turn out positive

So what is the plan? flying during June to Alaska (which will probably be a nightmare giving the fact i am suffer from flight fear...3 flights or so - yes, that will be a treat ha?

once there, we will rent a car, drive, see amazing places, eat like know like any other one of our trips - we love nature, we love shopping (are there any outlets in Alaska? or will i need to make a stop at NY?) and love to are animals...

hopefully this will come to reality this year and not next one....i would really hate to postponed this one....maybe i should count on a big bonus this year? ohhh my god, i hope this is not my only chance....

will update

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

7 Reasons Learning New Things Is Good For You

Each of us must start learning from an early age. It’s an essential part of normal human development. We learn new things all the time, continuing to do so as we advance through high school and college, and finally when we enter the workforce. The majority of us never stop learning—which is as it should be. Did you ever stop to consider if learning was beneficial to your health and well-being. There are reasons that learning can be good for you. Why don’t you keep reading and to find out 7 reasons learning new things is good for you.

Learning stimulates brain activity. When it comes down to it, the activity of your brain is enhanced when you’re learning something new. This provides some important health benefits in the long-term as well. A lot of research is piling up support the fact that the more you stimulate your brain through learning, the slower the development of Alzheimer’s and dementia will be when you grow older. There are chemical reactions in the brain associated with learning new information.

Learning is good for overall mental health. The issue of learning is directly tied your mood. The challenge of learning something valuable to your life can often affect the state of your mood and emotions for the better. The more time you have to sit and think about the same things over time, the more troubled your mind and emotions may become as a result. Bad feelings can easily fester and grow in such a weakened learning atmosphere.

Learning is good for self-esteem. Just as learning something can affect your emotions and sense of well-being, it can also be a great way to boost your self-esteem. Don’t you feel more confident and self-assured when you master a new still or learn something new and useful?

Learning increases creativity and imagination. It feels good when you’re bursting with creative energies and your imagination is more vivid. Learning new things allows you to let go of stagnate thoughts and ideas and embrace new perspectives. You can broaden your horizons on so many topics or by becoming involved in a myriad of activities.

Learning can make you more energetic. As with your native creativity and imagination, there is often a physiological response to new and exciting things. You may get that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling. You’re mind is working at a higher levels and you will become more active in order to get things done associated with that new activity or while digesting intriguing information.

Learning makes life more interesting. You should probably understand by now that the more you spend time learning new thing the more enjoyment you could have out of life. There is nothing worse than finding yourself bored with life. Life shouldn’t be boring. If it is, then you’ve probably stopped actively learning and experiencing new things. Don’t let yourself get in this position.

Learning can make your life more successful. When you take time to learn new things, you may be paving the road for future successes in your personal and professional life. It may be about improving your relationships or learning a new skill that will help your business ventures expand. Whatever it is, you have to remember that learning new things is good for you—even financially good!

You’re read about 7 reasons learning new things is good for you. There are certainly more out there. Some of them vary a lot depending on the individual while most are universal.

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