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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Im Sick

I hate it, im sick , why does it has to be on the weekend? ???? GRRRR

oh well, F*&$k it.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Breakfast near the beach

We got a vaucher for a free breakfast for 2 from our credit card company, which is nice, so we decided to go eat near the beach , 20 minutes drive from our hous.

Breakfast was great and the best part was ofcourse we only had to leave the tip, so now my husband decided we should go every once in a while to eat breakfast on a friday morning, so i said, ok, we can go like every once in 2 months or so (couse sometimes we have alot of stuff to do , just being realistic) so he stare at me like im crazy and he says "no, we should go every wekk" LOL i laughed like crazy since we dont have alot of spare time since we both working full time, i cant really see us go on long breakfasts all the time.
Anyway at the end we sattled for once every 3 weeks or so (i think we wont be able to do it so often but time will tell)

now some PS2 updates, i love it i chose one of them and treat him like he is my son (close enough) anyway i chose this crazy dude with the sword (he has a strange name like yuzimushi or something like that) i learned some of his tricks and i got him to a legend rank today...LOL - i love it.
My husband is in to a stupid racing game that has this anoying song looping all the time - drives me crazy - oh well...

Thats for now - check out my site- i finally uploaded everything to the server - around the world.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

When Bamby got lost...

Yesterday i was in my room working on something and after 3 hours or so i went upstairs and they told me Bamby had ran away while the door was open 3 HOURS!!!! ago (she usually come back after 10 minutes or so), anyway i got really upset and went outside to look for her but she wasnt there and i got so scared thining what might have happend to her, maybe she got lost or ran over by a car or whatever....yikes.

i decided to take the car, but i didnt really had a clue where to go- maybe she went to the village next to us or maybe she went to the downtown direction - i started driving towards the small village and stoped at the supermarket parking to adjust the mirrors (since i drove really fast they were not really my biggest concern till i relize that i would see her even if she will run after MY car) so i stoped and suddely i saw her walking by the post office, looking around, doesnt really know whats going on or where she was (which is strange since we take her to this place alot - there is a park behind he supermarket), anyway, i called her "BAMBY" and she looked at me and start walking toward the car and i shou again and she suddenly recognized me and the car (i took my dad's car since mine was with my husband out of town) and she ran and jumped into the car...she is just 2 cute :-)

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

LOL - we finally bought PS2

We really like those kind of stuff like PS (play station) but we never got one, once my husband told me we would buy it as soon as i finish my master thesis, well, i am still working on it but we have a few days off work and we relized it will get really boring here...SO - we drove for an hour this afternoon and bought the PS and some game sand the stupid lazer gub (that doesnt even work since none of the games we bought is suitable for it LOLOL)

anyway, im kicking ass at Tekken and playing fifa 2006 as netherlands team (i just love the orange outfit)

now the big question is how long till this thing will bore us? will we be playing those silly games on ...DEC? or FEB? i have no idea - something to place some bets on.

as for now ..its great.

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