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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Reiew: Bodies - The Exhibition - Las Vegas

Well, one of the few things (other than massive shopping) we managed to do while staying at Vegas for the conference, was taking one evening off and goign to see Bodies - The Exhibition at the Luxor.
So first of all, I just love the luxor - this hotel is amazing, i really hated the fact it was too far from my conference so i had to stay somewhere else, but, I just love it. so we (my husband, a college from work and myself) went on a Friday night to this exhibition, now, my friend from work was like, i don't want to go there , I don't want to see dead people and so on, (plus it costs some money and this guy is really cheap...) anyway, after a while we convinced him and he came with us.
The exhibition was really interesting i think, and it is also not as gross as one might fear, you dont actually see it is real bodies and only the fact you know it makes you realize that - plus, the thing I actually liked the most is the fact that since these are real bodies, not everything is perfect, you will see a torn vessel and stuff like that, in opposite to a plastic or whatever models - so this is actually kind of nice.
The exhibition is very very informative and you get to see things you never even imagined and even for someone like me who hates museum and exhibitions usually it was super interesting, really recommend it. :-)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am Sick

Hate it, i got sick, and i have so much to do at work which means by the time i will get back I will be sooo busy - i really hate being sick.
any suggestions? maybe i should hire a healthy me to work for me whenever I am sick, or lazy or want to go on vacation...

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Friday, December 19, 2008

some new sites of my friends

So some of my friends around the world started blogging or having some sites online so i decided to write about some of them....just to know what is going on with who.
so first of all Niki from Prague - she is a really sweet girl and she has started her degree now so she decided to become this poker champ or whatever in order to help with some extra money - personally im not sure this is the best way to make money (i kinda believe this is the best way to lose money but...we will see - come see her new blog at poker-girl

Now another friend of mine (from here) opened a site about well being or some kind of other i don't really know about so i have nothing to say about it but just check it out - his plan is too add all kind of cool tips for easier life like how to work from home or about in house safety and so on - check it out - home life

And yet another friend of mine decided to start a tech blog - nothing there yet but we will see how it will go - he like all this gadget and tech toys crap - so have

and finally - i have also opened a new site with some friends -
its only Hebrew for now but the point there is to show only good news and not all the crap you see on the news all the time.

I think this is it for now - i think enough links for one posts - go check it out

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back from Vegas

Vegas as always was great, we had a really really nice dinner one night to celebrate our anniversary at a french restaurant at the Venetian - was not cheap but the steaks were amazing

we went to see bodies at the loxur - was really amazing -it doesn't look that real, so its not that bad or something like that - but it is just strange - im glad we went though :)

we did a lot of shopping as usual so it was really fun ... and still my favorite - is the balagio

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