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Me, my husband, our dog and many travels.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dog update

Still haven't found my new dog, and moving day is in less than 2 weeks.....what will we do?

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Home Update

regarding our new / old / remodeled home - we are now coming to the end of it, walls are being painted, windows will be installed next week and furniture will start to make their deliveries towards our new house...finally, its going to be over.

only few things left to be purchased
1. lights
2. stone to cover the wall near the stairway (so people wont stain it with their hands all the time while climbing the stairs)
3. inside doors
4. maybe a new front door

and i think this is it

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Back From China

Finally my husband came back from China this week, after being there for a week and a half, as usual he brought a lot of shopping (mainly crap) with him, he bought some stupid craze fake iphones and stuff like that.
i got a nice shirt so i am happy for now

maybe he will have to go there again in 2 weeks, so i am thinking to go there with him this time

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

I want a Blackberry

yes, i want one so much, im really a workaholic and its ok, i love being one but it is so hard, when u running from one meeting to another, and you are always busy, you want to spend the time running and emailing, but its hard with a laptop - so i want a blackberry - would someone like to give me one? please?

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Still in China

My husband was supposed to come back home today but they added a meeting to his trip so he will only get back on Monday, which is crap - now i have to do my own laundry - what kind of life is that ha? :-)

oh well, still waiting, once he get back we will go to buy some stuff we still need to buy for the home remodeling - things like kitchen, doors and other just keep on going..unreal

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