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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm back!!!

So, believe it or not, I'm back from the hospital after my surgery.
on Tuesday night I had to start fasting so I went to eat my last meal at 9PM at this burger place - LOL - some junk food never heart no1 right? and then I stopped eating and drinking (I was not allowed even to drink water) for the rest of the night + morning.

On Wed. morning (7AM ) we got to the hospital, they gave me a bed and I waited like a stupid bitch for 5 hourse (again no food no drinks) only at 12 they took me to the OR (I was in OR10) they rolled me through the hospital on this bed which was prety cool since you see all the lights like in the movies LOL, we got to the waiting room of the OR's and I was still waiting, leing on this bed next to a bunch of old guys that made alot of noise and rhonchus - bbbbaaaa.
Finally they took me to the OR and put a mask on my face and a needle on my hand and start putting me to sleep - that was really fun you start to fell your body weaken and all of your muscles are heavy - its really weird and fun and like after a minute I dozed off, a minute later I woke up in the recovery room - it was sooo weird.

After an hour they took me back to my room (my=mine and 4 other people) and I was in my bed praying not to throw up since I'm really scared of it... ofcours I threw up 4 times that day - geez.

Basically, beside the throwing up parts, the expirience was prety positive.

After a while at 9PM they brought someone new to our room (a 50 years old woman who is kinda crazy - I mea she takes all kind of psychotic drugs and stuff) and she start screaming like crazy. before that we were 4 young girls in the room (me=28, 2 17 years old and a 8 years old) and suddenly this ctazy MF came and make me fell like I got to run out of that door. So I did - I went to the DOc and I was like- hey I'm all better now, I had enough of this place - I want to go home, and he let me - so I arrived home at 9:30, throw up again (LOL) and went to sleep.

Today I start eating again at 2 PM (so basically I havnt ate for 2 days - I hope I lost some pounds) and I think it is safe to say I'm OK now - HOORAY :-)

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Surgery - OMG

I need to have a surgery on WED - I'm sooooo afraid of it.... Fu$@#K

3 months ago I felt this lump on my neck so I went to the doc and she sent me to ultra sound and all kinds of crap, which showed nothing so we went to 3 specialists and they don't know - my
Lymph glands are big -that's it - so now they want to cut my throat and take one out and check it - that sucks - I have to go there at 7 AM and then I will have this nasty scar like someone tried to kill me or whatever....WTF??????

Last week I was there for I don't know what (all kind of questions and they signed me on this form saying in case I die its my fault and not theirs LOL) - I was there at 10 AM like they asked me to BUT nobody was talking to me till 14:00 - stupid bitches - I waited for 4 hours - there was no chair or anything for me to sit on so I ended up standing most of the time or sitting on the stairs (where all the people smoke - even if there a sign as big as Montana saying NO SMOKING).
Anyway, I think public medical is not really for me, I'm 2 spoiled ...yes I am a snob. :-)

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