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Sunday, February 10, 2008

2 more sites

Just wanted to let you guys know im working on some dumb sumb sites now - its so much fun

check them out

Packock the chicken
MF dog

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My last CT scan for a year!!!

So Finally i had my ct scan and it was fine so now I dont have to do it and drink that shit for a year - this is so great, it is like the worst thing you will ever drink.

I had my last ct scan last week - so we drove there at 6:30 AM - which sucked casue i hate to get up early, we arrived and I was taken to that room where they give you all kind of stuff into your veins and then they give you this pinky awful drink and you have to like drink half a gallon of it.
I drank the Da#$ thing and went to the scan where you laying down on this bed and you have to put your hands behind your head and stay like this for 30 minutes
now the problem was i played golf on Friday and my muscles where in so much pain it was just a nightmare to stay like this for half an hour....but i survived it

Next scan will only be at 2009


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